Babsy B Tip: Multiple Copies of the Same Book?

Oops, your child already has that book? Who knew!

What do you, the minimalist, do with that second copy just received? Try to exchange it for a book your child doesn’t own? Re-gift it, or donate it?

What if Aunt Harriett personalized it to your child? Now, it’s a must-keeper. Will you donate your other copy, then? Always a good deed, but hold off that donation…for a year or more.

Multiple copies are ideal for your avid reader. Keep one copy in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Or one upstairs; the other down. Keep one copy in the house; the other in the car. One in your home; the other at the grandparents’ house.

Then, donate all those copies when your child moves on to another level. Or keep a copy for some grand-tots one day.

Copyright © 2015 Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

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